Son, THANKS for all you’ve done in HELPING people with the recovery of their credit.

You started working with me in 2011, when I started working a secular job.

I was able to purchase a 2005 Trailblazer. A year later, for my 60th birthday, I traded for an upgrade, 2009 Infinity FX35.

Today, by the PROVIDENCE of The Lord, your Mother upgraded again.

This kind of upgrade hadn’t happened since 1979, when I was driving, off the showroom floor, a brand new Buick Rivera.

Thanks to The Lord, working through your credit repair services, I’m driving a 2016 Infinity QX70!


C. Smith
Hey Facebook and David Bean,
After going through several companies you are the only one who was able to remove these student loans from my credit report. Now me and my children are moving out of an apartment an into our home and we thank you for all of your hard work……you rock!
David Bean you are rocking with this credit repair. I am so excited I can’t help but to share it with you all. He help get 12 items removed from my credit. Yes. Awesome indeed. Home ownership is closer than I thought.
Kieishea Sassyk Brown
thank you so much…..
I had given up when I had to file Bankruptcy in March of this year and I had a credit score of only 429 and 417 but in only a few months and i’m still in Bankruptcy and my score has jumped. I never knew that you can get good credit while in Bankruptcy.
Thanks again
David all I can say is you know what you’re doing
Thanks for the help.