About CreditTrack1 Community – Our Mission and Vision

We help spread credit repair and debt help knowledge to members through various ways – articles, forum discussions, letters, etc. The community helps its members to make money save money and solve credit and debt related problems through counseling and debt management plans. The main aim is to help people lead a stress-free and happy financial life by educating them.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to offer full financial support to the people. We help you face various monetary challenges successfully and build financial security through our interactive tools and resources.

David Bean, a self-made entrepreneur, founded the CreditTrack1 community to help people plan for a debt free life. He is fully aware of the fact that debt can ruin an individual’s life and create a lot of pressure and stress on the family. David Bean faced a huge debt crisis after his first three ventures failed to achieve any success. He fought hard and dealt with the creditors and debt collectors on his own and shortly after the loss of his mother who suffered the same financial fate he decided to do something about it. After collecting tons of notes and spending countless hours getting back to where he could see daylight, he was able to write 16 books (most of them self-help) to help you navigate through your financial issues especially when you’re in a financial crunch and can’t really afford those expensive services.

David Bean emerged as a victor and founded the Debt Free Family Plan to help struggling debtors get financial independence. The community has helped more than 12,000 members to get effective financial solutions in the last 25 years. While the number seems small, it’s big to those who we helped. Being a closed community, we only take on a comfortable number of members so that we can get great results. Hopefully, it will help more and more people to complete their journey towards a debt free life.