helping people get out of debt.

helping people live with peace of mind.

Welcome to CHALLENGE 300, the faith-based debt elimination program that is going to make an impact around the country. I have become exhausted with the monies that was made available to the Faith Based Organizations that brought about little, if any, change. This is the time to take a stand and work with the needy because the Bible teaches that they will be with us always.

Because we feel so confident in the expected results, we are selecting only 300 everyday, hardworking people – even those that incarcerated and parolees – and changing their lives by allowing them to use our simple-to-follow program that we will walk them through. This will be the biggest challenge of this nature because it allows us to eliminate debt and save money with the very same money that we bring home monthly.

There are a lot of good programs out there to help you eliminate debt, but either they are too highly priced for the ones that really need it, or they attempt to make you borrow thousands of dollars to pay for a success coach that calls you a few times a month and asks you to do things that you could have read about on the Internet for free.

This program, unlike a lot of the others, wants to offer its services to your city to help revitalize those undesirable neighborhoods with our unique training methods that will enable the participants to live in a better neighborhood, or purchase a home if that’s their choice.

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